Datan Fauxfor-Green (Esq)

Classical Gentleman Warlock



Datan Fauxfor-Green is an established, stoic, (gentlemen) of the Order Of Goetica, who… disgorges creatures.

He is a gentlemen cut from old-school cloth, styled in 3 piece tweed paired with a bowler and cane. He certainly presents himself as a man out of time with some social attitudes to match.

He has an old-money family in The Actuality which allows him the luxury of an Established house at 998b Diagonally St – although, it can be very difficult to find, Datan sometimes thinks it Hides and he finds it’s Doors lead to anywhere

Diagonally St is known for a Gentleman Dragon that lives at the end of the road, and changes colour (which Datan thinks to be quite ungentlemanly conduct). However few people visit the area very long, as there are no good pubs

Datan’s 3 story tall/narrow town house is neighbored on either side by a thousand cats who keep a little old lady as a pet (Mrs Trefusis), and by an empty property that occasionally makes noises like a cartoon …. The cats are of impeccably good grooming, but the empty house is decidedly lowering the tone of the place in Datan’s opinion.

Datan frequents an exclusive gentlemen’s club where he has a ‘competitive’ friendship with one Mister 1470


Datan Fauxfor-Green (Esq)

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