Delicious Treats for Tea

Amorette bustled around the kitchen. She was enjoying her foray into weaving, albeit in a limited fashion. Evie had only let her try weaving pleasure and proximity aspects so far. She had said that the others were too dangerous to play with without learning the weaving basics, but Amorette was eager to try more. She’d practised with Evie and then had been allowed to try a simple pleasure weave on the cakes when Evie’s associates had been round before the party it. The effect hadn’t been bad – it had made them happy, which made Amorette happy. Why shouldn’t she try something new. Evie was being an overcautious teacher.

She removed the cakes from the oven and tipped them onto racks. How could it hurt to add a little something when she was baking. The cakes looked fine now they were finished. She had given them different coloured tints – the only way she could tell which had been infused with pleasure, which with desire and which with attraction. She would serve Evie a different cake each day and once they’d tried them, she’d confess what she’d added so they could discuss how successful or not she’d been. Evie would surely not be cross once she could see how she had been holding her pupil back needlessly.

A pencil flew across the study. Evie was irritated. She had been studying solidly for hours but it seemed that little research had been done on the manifestation of literary worlds. At this rate she would have to move to practical experimentation without the in-depth research she would prefer. She went to retrieve the pencil and heard a distant knock at the kitchen door, followed by familiar voices. As she headed down the stairs she saw Mr 1470, his familiar and angel friends being ushered through the hall.

“What a surprise 1470, what brings you to my home? My library perhaps?” Evie enquired lightly.

“What else?”

His familiar gave a knowing smile, while Angel Michael and Angel Gillian greeted Evie politely.

“Amorette, please bring our guests some tea and a selection of those newly baked cakes I can smell” Evie instructed, before turning back to 1470. “I’ll show you where you can find what you need.”

Evie guided Mr 1470 and company through to the ground floor of her library and to a nook with a table and some comfortable chairs. “Some of the books you want are along there,” she pointed to a section of shelves nearby. “The rest are spread across other sections – I can show your companions where to find them and deactivate any wards. If there’s any you want to borrow – just make a note in the ledger, so we can keep track.”

1470 declined to sit. “I don’t suppose you’ve got a section on compasses?” Behind his shades, his eyes darted across the myriad shelves. Angel Michael and Angel Gillian made themselves comfortable, while 1470’s familiar strode across to a distant set of shelves and began inspecting the leather-bound volumes.

“Sure!” Evie confirmed. “Compasses would be over there.” She pointed to a shelf on the other side of the nook.

Amorette shuffled carefully into the library, an overladen tea tray in her arms. She felt slightly flushed with anticipation, which she hoped would be put down to rushing about the kitchen. She’d not intended the cakes to be consumed by anyone but her and Evie, but it would probably be alright and if not – it was bound to be interesting.

Evie poured tea for everyone, as they helped themselves to chunks of cake. Her apprentice had outdone herself – they were lovely and fluffy, with just a delicate flush of colour to match their flavours. Everyone seemed to be enjoying them. Angel Michael was positively devouring them as if he were intoxicated by them. Even Angel Gillian was helping herself to thirds. Evie confined herself to just 2 pieces – there would be time for more later….if Angel Michael didn’t polish them all off.

Putting her teacup down, she coughed politely, “Shall I show your companions round the rest of the library so you can get on with your study?”

“Give these two the guided tour. They can catch us up when they’ve seen everything.” 1470 went off to join his familiar, who whispered something in his ear and took him deeper into the stacks.

Angel Michael reluctantly placed his plate back on the tray, but took the opportunity to swipe a last chunk of cake as he stood up. Evie ushered him and Angel Gillian to the stairs, leaving Amorette to tidy up the tea things. They headed up to the first floor, where Evie showed them the different sections that fanned off from around the balcony, passing the sleeping form of her house cat. She was feeling oddly warm and her senses were blooming. Behind her she could feel every inch of distance between her and the angels, and a glance back revealed they were mere millimetres separating the angels and their hands were lightly brushing. A soft murmur of voices floated up from below, but she paid it no mind as she headed to the spiral staircase that led to the attic section of the library. Ascending she swore she felt a soft fluttering touch across her calf, but looking down all she saw was the innocent face of Angel Michael looking back up at her.

At the top of the stairs she drew them into the library space underneath the glass dome that flooded the space with light. The angels seemed somehow more radiant up here and….distracting. Evie ushered them towards the section where some of the books 1470 would need were located only to find them closing in to her personal space. Without thinking she suggested “Is there anything else I can interest you in?”

Angel Gillian smiled wantonly and nodded, an elegant hand reaching out to caress her cheek, whilst Angel Michael stuttered “Wwwell, yes – I rather think there is!”

Evie reached our her hands, snaking them round the angels’ necks, caressing them and drawing them closer. She locked eyes with them and concentrated for a moment. Their immediate intentions were clear, but for Angel Gillian it was not her only interest – she had other motivations than just pleasure. Angel Michael on the other hand – he was revealing how deep his hedonistic tendencies went. Well Evie could work with that and it would be a pleasure.

“Here?” she queried alluringly, leaning against a bookcase.

“Here!” Angel Gillian asserted hotly.

She lent in, teasing Angel Gillian’s lips with her own, while her hands worked on Angel Michael’s waistcoat. Their hands caressed her and slipped open her top. Two different warm hands explored her body, making her skin crackle with energy. She turned her head, licking across Angel Michael’s lips, then drew back, coaxing his lips to hers and then to Angel Gillian’s. The sight of the angels pressed together was divinely exhilarating. She took the opportunity to slide off theirs and her own tops. Pressing her lips to Angel Gillian’s skin, she was delighted to discover how silky soft and delectable it tasted. Like nothing else. She lost herself for a moment, only to be pulled back to the present by the sensation of two angels pressed against her, their mouths exploring her neck. She dropped her head back and let out a happy sigh.

“Want to turn this up to 13 my angelic friends!” she enticed.

“Gggods yes!” Angel Michael exclaimed as Angel Gillian nibbled at his ear and nodded her agreement.

Evie turned in his arms and licking a pattern across his chest, her hands mirroring it softly across Angel Gillian’s and her own. It was a familiar weave. Her mouth and hands reached a crescendo across their nipples and felt the magic flow. Her skin felt like it was aflame. A shudder of excitement flowed through the angels.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Angel Michael, blushing as his wings blossomed behind him.

“Oh there’ll be more where that came from!” Evie promised with a gasp, as fingers slipped under her skirt. “I predict a supernatural amount of stamina incoming!”

Evie extracted herself from the sleeping angels’ embraces and grabbed her fallen garments. The angels were entwined and recumbent across a large sofa, their skin sparkling. That had been….unexpected, but not unsought. She wouldn’t deny that she had found them of interest when they’d first been summoned or that she’d wondered what might be. What she hadn’t expected was to find out. 1470 didn’t strike her as someone who would want to share…unless he was also invited. Well, she thought, turning away from the divine sight, she’d keep it to herself. No need to stir up trouble. She slipped into her study and started to make herself presentable again. A purr alerted her to the fact she wasn’t alone.

“Mistress – you wanted to know everything that happened in the house, didn’t you?” the watch cat purred.

“Yes, why?” she answered, wondering if he had been watching her.

“Your apprentice has been….‘entertaining’ the gentleman in the library most vigorously!” the cat sniggered.

“Really!” Evie gasped. She was surprised – he didn’t strike her as Amorette’s taste, but then she did like to try new things. “Tell me….everything!” she added, settling down in her office chair.

Evie descended the stairs, a satisfied smile on her face. She had learned all about 1470’s activities in the library with and without her apprentice, enjoyed the company of the angels for a bit longer and asked them some questions about the nature of the literary worlds outside her home, plus let them know she was open for a return visit if they were passing.

As she swept into the library she saw Mr 1470 behind a pile of books, his familiar at his side. She looked at him, a knowing twinkle in her eyes and realised that he was mirroring it. Ah – so he knew too then. It looked like this was going to get interesting! Still – no reason to forgo polite etiquette.

“Would you and your companions like to stay for dinner or do you have other engagements?” she enquired politely.

“I think they’ve eaten enough. But thank you for all your hospitality. You’ve been a most generous hostess, and your apprentice is very dedicated. I’m afraid I may have worn her out.” Amorette moved from the shadows to stand by Evie’s side.

“Oh, I find her to be quite robust. Do you want to borrow any books?”

“Not on this occasion, although we’ve only managed an initial exploration. Perhaps next time?”

“Now don’t be coy – your exploration was comprehensive, so I’ve heard!”

“And in the meantime, you and your apprentice must come round to my house sometime. I hope that my hospitality will rival your own.”

Evie smiled mysteriously. “Well, that would be impressive. How could we possibly refuse such an offer!”

There was a reticent tap on Evie’s study door, followed by the sombre face of her apprentice. She slipped into the room and stood before the desk, hands clasped in front of her.

“Erm – I’ve a confession to make,” she began ruefully.

“About the cakes, I assume!”

“Yes – how did you know? I mean – I didn’t expect we’d have visitors…they were only meant for us!”

“You think I can’t sense a thread I’m so familiar with? You’re lucky that all you did was lower some inhibitions. I had warned you about the dangers of reckless weaving,” Evie admonished.

“I’m sorry! I just wanted to try something new.”

“That’s beside the point. You disobeyed my instructions! You do not receive such disrespect when I am your pupil! I am disappointed and there will be consequences to your actions. For now – you should go re-read the paper on weaving accidents and then write 1000 words on what your weaves could have caused.”

“Yes Evie,” Amorette whispered sadly. “I will.”



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