Making time and making space.

Evie stood before her weaving cell. The novices clustered together, a bundle of excitement. Her mentor, Altir and his colleagues, sombre and reserved. They had promised her weeks earlier the opportunity to officially become a Mistress of the Weft after she had saved her apprentice’s life. She had already taken on some of the formal responsibilities, including the teaching. That was one of her favourite parts, truth be told. Now it was time for her to prove her worth. She had researched and studied, trying to create new weave that would be worthy. That would be comparable to her on the spot heal.

And that was the problem. Her real skill was weaving on the fly. Sure she learned new things from her studies and from her mentor, but when it came to real creativity, there was nothing like necessity. Still – she had come up with something for today, albeit something a bit showy.

Nodding respectfully to her mentor, she moved a small glass cabinet to the centre of the room. She opened the doors and showed that it had not been altered in any way…yet. Stepping back she began to weave – space, energy and strength. It had an odd shape to it she’d found while perfecting it, almost like a vortex shaped net. She stepped forward again and released it to spin invisibly (to non-weavers) down and watched as it quickly shaped itself to the cabinet. It glittered for a second and the nothing.

A glance at Altir confirmed this was a weave he recognised and he was waiting to see what effect she had created. She lent down and moved a hand into the cabinet. The view through the glass looked like prism, her hand small and reflected. From her viewpoint through the door, the viewpoint Altir had shifted to, her hand looked normal, albeit in a strangely open space.

“It’s bigger on the inside now!” she stated simply. “Ten times bigger. I made the cabinet stronger so it will be able to contain that extra space!”

She stood and stepped back to where she had stood at the start of the proceedings. Altir and the other high level weavers were examining the cabinet and whispering to one another. The novices on the other hand were barely managing to stay in their allotted place. She could sense their eagerness to examine this new creation, to study it.

Altir and the others moved away from the box and returned to their place. “This is sufficient, Mistress Evaline! Thank you for your creative demonstration.” They bowed solemnly and then smiled at her. “We will see you tomorrow evening for the celebration dinner!”

Closing the door behind her, Evie took a long breath. It was done. Now it was time for a real experiment. She climbed the stairs to the top floor and entered her study. She checked through her notes and ran through her preparations. This was going to be interesting. Moving into the centre of the top floor she knelt on the floor and began to weave with a new thread. It had called to her after the attack on Altir’s home. She knew how she would use it now – protection. As she wove the threads together she reached down and pressed her hands the floor and pushed the weave outwards. Across the internal walls to the outer ones, up to the roof and down to the cellar floor till she could feel it touching all of her home.

Standing she smiled. On this occasion the weave would be relatively short lasting, but she would do this again and make it more permanent. And she would add to it. Some defensive weaves that would keep this place as safe as possible. For now – it would be sufficient for what she needed.

She cleared her mind and started a new weave. She could feel it as it reached out from her. It was a call – a call to an Angel called Deandra requesting their presence, granting them entry. Suddenly, with a fluttering of wings, an angel appeared.

Evie bowed, “Angel Deandra, I have asked you here for assistance. You are a divine protector and I would like your help in order to better defend others and myself!”

The Angel frowned “I will not teach you the arts of war if that’s what you want!”

“Oh no!” Evie countered, “I do not wish to learn to fight. I have some limited skill in that, but what I want is to be able to dodge attacks from aggressors. If I can dodge, then I can use my healing skills on others.”

“And if I were to train you?” the Angel asked.

Evie looked at the Angel and considered what she could possibly offer such a creature. “Then I will heal someone you bring to me! And till then, while you are here, you will be my guest and I will read you beautiful stories of wonder!”

The Angel considered. “This is an unusual offer. Not a request to spy, steal, attack, or protect. There is no bribe or threat. You are offering me aid and beauty, all so you can protect others.” Then angel reached out and touched Evie’s forehead “I can tell you speak true and have brought others back from the brink of life! I will help”

“Then it is agreed,” Evie confirmed, “and I will be in your debt!”

The training was hard, but Evie was nothing if not determined. Deandra was thorough in her teaching and pleased to have a receptive pupil. She was also delightful company. Every evening they would retire to a corner of the library, where Evie would read to the angel as she reclined in her lap and her apprentice cuddled at her side. There were stories of good prevailing over evil, the strong protecting the weak, the small changing the world for all. Though she knew this was but a temporary arrangement, Evie felt content. She would have to remember to make more time to just read for enjoyment and not only for study.



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