Season 1 EP 4

Three weeks after their boat voyage Daton and Tilda have not spoken to any of their compatriots.

In Daton’s case he hasn’t looked much further than the Club he knows Mr 1470 from, or Eevee’s library. In Tilda’s case, she hasn’t really cared enough to reach out to folk. Daton fears their friends may have returned to Shadow.

The pair meet up at Cafe/Bar, because Daton sends a message requesting a meetup as he hasn’t been able to contact anyone else. Tilda is eating a cream tea with wonderful cream bums when he arrives.

They chat pleasantly about the difference in time periods they come from, and what has happened in the meantime. Daton is horrified to hear another world war happened, and has to take a moment to compose himself. He refuses to believe he has a great granddaughter until he is presented with his own diary from Shadow, she tells him she inherited it, along with stories of his madness.

He shares how his mother fled the war in the Actuality (which he knows little about) and into the war in Shadow.

Tilda Green shares some truths about her time. Informs hims about sharing texts and moving pictures connected to telegrams, and an internet that lots of people have. Daton uses his power to summon something that is connected to these “webs” that she tells him about. It also has texts.

Daton confesses about his patron and that he is scared it will know about her as she is family, but every indication is that it does not.

Mister Child unfolds himself into three dimensions and quizzes Daton and Tilda in an attempts to locate Ser Integra. Rather difficult as he’s not there, the pair take his card and let him leave. Tilda spots he leaves a fold in the world when he goes, Daton shines his light on it but does not reveal anything concealed.

They share a moment when Tilda teaches her granddad how to use a spray-paint, which he calls and automatic paintbrush, he paints a summoning circle with the spray can. Summoning Goggles he sends him on a mission to learn of Mister Child.

This suitably freaks out Tilda and they part ways, she parkors up a building to get her tag on, and Daton tries to throw up a little horror to watch her, instead he throws up a little horror that evolves into a large defender style creature before him, it’s never done that before, he gives it a pet because it’s a good doggo and it tries to do its job to protect Tilda, but as she parkours her way across the skyline, it goes out of range and gets blobbed.

Tilda visits her teacher, the Eternal Yak. He has some wisdom for her, but it’s in Yakkish, and is lost to posterity

Not able to help his Great Grand daughter, Daton followed the link he’d got about the Blade of a thousand Knives. No one was talking about it any more except a group called the Pneuma.

Asking at his club (but still not finding 1470), Daton was able to find a good-old-boy with some stories to tell, he shed some light on the group and a contact within in. Armed with a letter of introduction, Daton asks Tilda to join him and they visit the fellow.

Goggles returns with important information about Mister Child, but is sadly eaten by a giant iguana before he can impart this information to Daton. It will take two sessions before he can reform within the prismatic void and be summoned again.

There’s no answer at the house, but as the Fauxfor-Green family interest in magicians seems to have continued as Tilda and Daton are both skilled lock-picks, and are quickly inside.

Once within they find a male body, and are attacked by a kettle, sofa, dresser, and one of Tilda’s spray cans that grow spider legs and attack.

Daton invoked two big nasty spells getting his patron’s forces involved, and they both got down to some hand to hand combat batting monsters about…

Question now is is the dead guy who we were to see, and if so why is he a dead guy!



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