Character Arcs

Daton Fauxfor-Green
Solve a Mystery: The Unfinished Painting and The Dagger of a Thousand Blades
Uncover a Secret: Learn to tap into The Ocean Only I Can See
Relative: Protect my Granddaughter from the Dangers of this World
Rival: Beat Mr 1470 to Uncovering the Secret of the Expansive Endeavour
Solve a Mystery: The Mystery of the Pneuma
Romance Miss Havisham
What about the mysterious islands?
Discover the knowledge of the overcharged arcanum

Mr 1470
Uncover a Secret: The Multiphasic Compass
Uncover a Secret: The Expansive Endeavour
Aid a Friend: Daton’s investigation of the Pneuma
Solve a Mystery: What is Aug Fallon up to?
Enterprise: Set up a profitable magical services business.

Uncover A Secret: Watch Cat in House Completed
Uncover A Secret: Literary Worlds Outside Evie’s Windows.
Instruction: Take on an Apprentice – Amorette.
Aid A Friend: Mr 1470 & Mystery of Aug Fallon.

Miss Haversham
Uncover a Secret: What is my first name?
Uncover a Secret: The Expansive Endeavour
Aid a Friend: Daton and the Expansive Endeavour
Assist an Organisation: Help repair the Vancian College
Discover a new Vancian spell
Romance Daton

Revenge on Miss Gorre
Help out lovable old grandpa

Character Arcs

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